SP Entities

SPEAR (Samahang Pilipino Education and Retention) 

  • Vision: This entity will reach the 100% retention of UCLA students, particularly the Pilipinx community, by providing spaces for students to explore and understand identity, build community investment, and develop academic and professional empowerment. Students will advance their self-agency in a critically conscious and supportive community at and beyond UCLA.

SPACE (Samahang Pilipino Advancing Community Empowerment)

  • Vision: As SPACE, we envision Pilipinx / Pilipinx American students who are motivated to pursue higher education and postsecondary goals with respect to their personal interests by empowering themselves through
    • Understanding of academic goals and needs in order to take active ownership of their education
    • Realization of one’s own agency in order to actively engage as leaders in the community
    • And the embodiment of critical consciousness reflective of one’s own personal history, capacity, and role in the community

SPCN (Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night)

  • Vision: Importance of cultural and historical knowledge in relation to the visibility and empowerment of our community
    • Relevant education transcends this space, the empowerment transcends this space, UCLA, etc. 

Kabalikat Kore

  • Vision: LGBTQ+ Pilipinx Identity Community Building